Friday the 13th Luck: Unveil the Magic with Black Cat Artwork

Friday the 13th Luck: Unveil the Magic with Black Cat Artwork

Friday the thirteenth and black cats are intertwined in fable and superstition. It’s been our ardour to counter negativity with positivity and have yearly since 2011. This 12 months I’m posting a bunch of enjoyable black cat classic artwork to reframe the reality. Listed below are a couple of Friday the thirteenth from our archives. Take pleasure in and share the love.

xo, Layla

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Right here’s some Friday thirteenth black cat luck for you! Horseshoes are a standard fortunate image.

black cat luck horseshoe 1

wish you good luck

wishing you luck horseshoe

black cat good luck

black cat for luck

lucky postcard horseshoe

pumpkin luck

keep me for luck

lucky mr.black jpg
Nicely, after all he’s fortunate. He’s a black cat.

bushel of luck

all lucky cats

jolly good luck jpg

The British throughout WW1 and WWW2 used black cat postcards to convey cheer to troopers.

war luck

black cat luck miliary

good luck soldier



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